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We manufacture lncense Sticks in length of 5 to 19 inches in a variety of thickness, colors and fragrances packed in paper Tubes, Cardboard Square and Rectangular Boxes, Flat pouches and Hexagonal packets.

  • areca square plates
  • areca nut square plates
  • areca square bowl
  • arecanut square plates
  • areca square plate 9inch
  • arecanut oval plates
  • areca round plate
  • arecanut round plates
  •  arecanut plates and bowl
  • areca leaf plates

Arecanut Products

Our firm manufactures a wide range of Areca leaf Plates in various shapes, sizes and have different natural thickness. The plates are used as these can withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures.We areca leaf plates suppliers design andcustomize as per exporters of areca nut products needs and requirements. These have significant natural qualities which cannot be compared with any other disposables.

The Leak proof property of the Areca leaf is recognizedas the best through this design & application. The Sturdy leaf can hold liquids as long as maximum of 5 hours.Instead of using permanent Tray,the customized areca leaf plate and Tray serves your tasty food with a better look and environment. Due to this there is savings ininitial investmentandcleaning, we can customize the plates based on your design.We are the leading arecanut plates manufacturers in Bangalore.

The main range includes round bowls/plates, square plates, rectangleplates and hexagon plates. The small bowls are perfect for salads, ice-creams etc., the areca leaf plate is freezer safe & it can hold as cold as ice.Areca nut leaf plate supplier is the best business because of the following features
• Non-breakable
• Durable
• Reasonable rates
• Naturalcolor

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