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We manufacture lncense Sticks in length of 5 to 19 inches in a variety of thickness, colors and fragrances packed in paper Tubes, Cardboard Square and Rectangular Boxes, Flat pouches and Hexagonal packets.

  • areca square plates
  • areca nut square plates
  • areca square bowl
  • arecanut square plates
  • areca square plate 9inch
  • arecanut oval plates
  • areca round plate
  • arecanut round plates
  •  arecanut plates and bowl
  • areca leaf plates

Spicy Incense Sticks

We are manufacturer and supplier of spicy incense sticks. Our range encompasses sharan incense sticks, sunday incense sticks, three in one agarbathies, chandrika incense sticks, daily incense sticks etc.

Sharan Incense Sticks

The strong aroma of sharan incense sticks will set your spirits free. These sticks are largely used for perfuming the breath and air.

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Sunday Incense Sticks

Enjoy the sweet and spicy fragrance of sundau incense sticks to freshen up yourself. Our sunday incense sticks are best choice to use everyday to stimulate energy and keeps each day as sunday.

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Three in One Incense Sticks

The magical mixture of three intoxicating fragrance to fill the atmosphere with calmness. These three in one incense sticks will certainly lead one in heavenly ecstasy.

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Chandrika Incense Sticks

The mesmerizing fragrance of chandan incense sticks specially for daily puja purpose, which infuse the surroundings with an aura of serenity and spirituality.

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Daily Incense Sticks

Experience the magical aroma of daily incense sticks, which radiate an aura of divinity in the atmosphere.

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Collector Incense Sticks

The best conglomeration of traditional aromas to start your day with a fresh note. These collector incense sticks will rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit at the same time.

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