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We manufacture lncense Sticks in length of 5 to 19 inches in a variety of thickness, colors and fragrances packed in paper Tubes, Cardboard Square and Rectangular Boxes, Flat pouches and Hexagonal packets.

  • areca square plates
  • areca nut square plates
  • areca square bowl
  • arecanut square plates
  • areca square plate 9inch
  • arecanut oval plates
  • areca round plate
  • arecanut round plates
  •  arecanut plates and bowl
  • areca leaf plates

Traditional Incense Sticks

At SE Perfumaries, history repeats itself in the form of various aromas which are traditionally Indian aromas. The variety of traditional fragrance is what you get with SE Perfumaries. We offer traditional incense sticks, Swarna Mandir incense sticks, Baba Pooja agarbathi, Gowri Ganesh incense sticks and many more. Our world is full of traditions and we have the incense for every mood and tradition.

Swarna Mandir Incense Sticks

The fragrance of a beautiful creation of nature to revitalize your energy. These swarna mandir incense sticks cheer up the mood instantly.

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Gowri Ganesh Incense Sticks

The best conglomeration of traditional aromas to start your day with a fresh note. These SE incense sticks will rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit at the same time.

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Baba Pooja Agarbathi

Specially made incense for Sai Baba with an intense fragrance. With their spiritual aroma, these Sai Baba incense sticks present a divine ambiance in any place.

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